choosing the right remedy

Begin with one or two remedies so your body gets a clear message.

Stress Relief & Emotional Detox are exceptions because their general effects create a foundation.

Using Stress Relief & Emotional Detox in combination with other remedies brings quicker results.

General well-being: Stress Relief and/or Emotional Detox
Female well-being: Female Balance

Stress from the “daily grind,” to take the edge off: Stress Relief
Deep-seated stress: Emotional Detox
For those who think too much or spend too much time in their head: Happy Heart

Sadness related to break-up/loss of loved one/loss of job: Happy Heart & Emotional Detox
Long standing grief and sadness: Lung & Sinus and Emotional Detox
General sadness/depression/fatigue: Emotional Detox
Drained from interacting with people: Happy Heart

Too much thinking/worrying at night is keeping me awake: Sleep
Due to deep-seated emotional trauma: Emotional Detox
Mild anxiety throughout the day: Stress Relief
Indecisive/anxious feeling in heart: Happy Heart

Frequent headaches: Stress Relief
Pains related to physical injuries: Muscles & Joints
Pains related to stressful/emotional situations: Emotional Detox and/or Stress Relief

General well-being for the skin: Youthful Skin
Because of hormonal imbalance: Female Balance
Caused by deep emotional or physical toxins: Emotional Detox + Stress Relief
Due to a diet of rich, hard to digest food: Digest
Because of a chronic sweet tooth: Blood Sugar

Digestion problems and feeling ungrounded: Digest and/or Stress Relief
General grounding for women: Female Balance
General grounding for men: Male Balance
Musculoskeletal discomfort, athletes, ease and fluidity of movement: Muscles & Joints
Anxiety leading to feelings of being ungrounded: Stress Relief

Increase fluid motion, coordination, balance, and agility: Muscles & Joints
Improve lung capacity: Lung & Sinus
Decrease performance anxiety and increase mental focus: Stress Relief

Deep-seated stress and physical toxins contributing to weight gain: Emotional Detox
Sweet tooth, blood sugar difficulties: Blood Sugar
Sluggish or weak digestion: Digest
Thyroid issues: Throat & Voice
Lack of sleep leading to excess weight: Sleep
Poor eating habits due to stress: Stress Relief

With our Siddha Remedies for Kids, your child may benefit from you taking the same remedy or another more appropriate remedy.

If your child is able to talk about their experience, ask them about it.

If your child does not want to take a remedy don’t force it on them.

Our Siddha Remedies for Pets may also be sprayed in your pet’s water bowl, on top of their head, on their paws or even on their toys.

When it’s a shared experience efficacy can increase. Consider supporting your animal by taking the remedy along with them.

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