how homeopathics work

The Nervous System

The nervous system is a complex web of interconnected networks, which communicate with each other to elicit healing responses when triggered by stress. In a sense, in order to facilitate healing, the body needs some sort of stress trigger to activate the many processes by which the body can adapt and heal itself.

Homeopathy and Flower Essences

Homeopathy and flower essences induce subtle stress triggers in the body that in turn evoke complex adaptive healing reactions.

According to the law of similars as applied in homeopathy, or “like cures like,” a very small dose of a substance that would cause certain symptoms in bulk form, can be used to treat those very same symptoms that are being experienced by an individual, caused by other means.

In contrast to the law of similars, flower essences operate as general uplifting remedies. Flowers occur in nature as responses to environmental stress, and their responses are undeniably beautiful and mood altering.


According to epigenetics, our environment can directly affect our DNA. Harmful environments can shift gene expression leaving genetic information drastically different from when one was born.

Flower essences work to create a more harmonious environment for the individual and thus allow one to have a more healthy relationship with stress. By taking flower essences, we are integrating their unique energy pattern of stress adaptation. That energy pattern helps to clear blockages and create new healthy patterns.

We know through scientific means that our environment can affect our cellular health. Having more positive aspects in our environment can in turn help us to strengthen our health. So adding things like flower essences, even fresh flowers, meditation, yoga or any similar activities that improve our responses to stress caused by our environment can bring wonderful results.

Some studies are now starting to prove the existence of intergenerational trauma, or the notion that traumatic events that have happened to our ancestors can be passed down to us.

In contemplating this notion, we might discover a sense of personal responsibility to take charge of our own health, of our own gene expression, so that we can pass along a greater chance for health to our future generations.

So how can we treat trauma or stress that is due to our environment? One way is to help reinterpret our perception of our environment at a more positive level.

Just as a diamond needs high levels of stress or pressure to form, environmental stressors also catalyze the formation of flowers. We have taken note from flowers and utilized their unique adaptations to stress by including flower essences in our remedies.


Like all homeopathic medicine, Siddha Cell Salt + Flower Essence remedies contain nanoparticles of their source materials. Through dilution and succession – vigorous shaking – nanoparticles that are otherwise not present in the bulk forms of the substance are derived.

It is these nanoparticles that provide just enough aggravation to the nervous system, without being toxic, to then trigger the body’s natural adaptive processes and begin healing these various symptoms.

Recent studies have shown the benefit of nanoparticles in healing versus their bulk counterparts. Nanoparticles have been shown to have greater bioavailability, or degrees and rates at which a substance (as a drug) is absorbed into a living system or is made available at the site of physiological activity.

Nanoparticles also cross membranes, including blood-brain barrier, without difficulty, and travel, mainly via lymph but also blood, throughout the organism. Because of this, results can often be noticed immediately.
Another benefit to nanoparticles as utilized in homeopathic remedies is that one only needs a tiny fraction of the substance compared to the original physical form, to elicit the same positive reactions.

Some are now motioning to refer to the homeopathic healing method as an adaptive network nanomedicine.

Stimulating Our Own Healing Intelligence

Whatever you want to call it, this system has been proven time and time again to be a cost-effective option that works with the body rather than against it.

When looking at traditional allopathic or pharmaceutical medicines, the approach is usually to suppress or lessen the symptoms. This approach can leave the entire body in a lesser state of health.

In contrast, homeopathy and flower essences encourage adaptive, rather than suppressive, reactions, leaving the body in a state of greater health.

These modalities trigger the body’s own internal healing mechanisms, and thus contribute to curing the overall cause rather than simply addressing the symptoms.

We like to think of our remedies as stress remedies. So ask yourself, how does stress manifest in your body or life? We have addressed many different scenarios in response to this question with our collection of 28 different remedies for the whole family to choose from.

Our thoughtfully formulated multi-ingredient remedies leave the guess work out for the consumer and provide many angles by which the body’s natural healing mechanisms can be activated and thus initiated toward greater healing responses.

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