tips for better results

More is not always better, take 2 days off per week:

We recommend that you only use these products 5 days a week. Periods of stimulation alternating with periods of rest yield the best long term results. This is similar to an athlete who takes two days off of training to allow the body recuperate and adapt.


Consistent use over time is the key:

Siddha is different. Unlike pharmaceuticals and even some natural supplements which work less effectively over time as the body builds a tolerance, our formulas have the opposite effect. You will notice cumulative results.


One product at a time: (exceptions are Stress Relief & Emotional Detox)

Begin with one remedy so your body gets a single clear message. Generally, it’s best to wait 2-4 weeks before adding another.

Stress Relief and Emotional Detox are exceptions to this. Their general effects create a foundation for the other remedies to build on.

Using Stress Relief and/or Emotional Detox in combination with one of the other remedies from the outset brings quicker results.


Take a few moments to relax:

Siddha products work best with a calm nervous system. Take three deep breaths before and after each dosage.

Notice how you feel.

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