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According to Chinese Medicine, there are both internal and external causes of disease. The external causes include: trauma, infection, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle choices, a harsh working or living environment to name a few.

We also have internal causes of disease and it is said that when it comes to maintaining your longevity, addressing the internal factors is even more important than addressing the external factors.  In this context, longevity is not how long you live…it is how long you maintain your youthfulness.

The internal causes of disease are sometimes know as the 5 Thieves because they rob us of our energy and our youth.  These 5 Thieves are: anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, and over-stimulation. Included are all of the variations of these five which means any afflictive emotion that accumulates within the nervous system and degrades organ function over time.

Siddha Flower Essences are here to help you resolve the internal causes of disease. This is how flower essences and homeopathics work. By resolving stress in the nervous system the body has a better change to heal itself on all levels.

Another way to say this is that our nervous system is an electro-chemical entity.  Western medicine does wondrous things addressing the chemical portion of our nervous system.

However, according many forms of traditional medicine that have existed throughout the world for thousands of years, the electrical portion of our nervous system is primary to the chemical.  By resolving things on a more subtle electrical / energetic level we are taking care of ourselves from the inside out.  This is the essence of preventative healthcare.

Flower essences, homeopathy and other forms of these time tested medicines like acupuncture primarily treat the electrical portion of our nervous system.

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