A Deep Dive into Flower Essences and Vibrational Medicine

Flower essence healing and flower essences are part of a general category of medicine called vibrational medicine which address the electromagnetic fields of the nervous system rather than the biochemical matrix of the physiology. This is in line with most forms of holistic medicine – East, West and everywhere else – all of which treat the deeper electromagnetic matrices of the body i.e. the nervous system. In these forms of healing, the electrical portion of the nervous system is considered primary to the biochemical pathways of the body. In other words, the nervous system is viewed as the master control panel for the body. Thus any variations, imbalances, blockages, stress or tension in the electromagnetic fields that surround the nerves are going to have a dramatic impact on the rest of body because of their proximity to the nervous system – our core operating system. It is here that flower essences act.

Bringing balance at this level of the body-mind allows for profound changes to occur. Often the mental and emotional stress that we bear is a greater barrier to our enjoyment of life than various health imbalances. By acting on the energetic level (think acupuncture meridians), flower essences allow for the release of stress and tension that may lead to overt physical imbalances as well as mental and emotional imbalances. Flower essences act directly on the stress and have an indirect impact on other aspects of health that are closer to the surface.

Frequently when people ask themselves if the remedy is working, they are asking if they have noticed physical or biochemical changes. Obvious surface level changes that result from the ingestion of flower essences are secondary, indirect changes that follow the resolution of various kinds of stress. Lots of us have not cultivated the subtle awareness to pinpoint exactly how we carry stress or to see the various shades and varieties of our mental tension. Oftentimes we simply know that we feel “stressed” or “tense”. In such cases, a certain critical mass of stress needs to be removed before a person will even notice how much stress has been released. Usually this is around the time that obvious physical results reveal themselves as well.

Flower essences, and homeopathics, are meant to address the body on that electromagnetic, vibrational level, not on a biochemical level. Flower essences are essentially magnetic signatures of various kinds of flowers captured in a medium of water. This process is very similar in nature to the process by which audio sound is captured magnetically on a cassette tape. The structural specifics of a given species of a flower can be captured in water as a magnetic matrix. Once it is captured in water the feedback mechanism is necessary. That feedback mechanism in this case is the body’s nervous system.

One can almost think of flower essences as notes, harmonies and melodies of a song. When you insert a cassette tape and press play, the tape player reads the magnetic imprinting on the tape, translates it to audio sound which you then hear through the speakers. When a flower essence is ingested or sprayed topically, it’s placed in proximity to the appropriate playback mechanism – the body’s nervous system. Playing a cassette tape results in audio sound, with flower essences the result is the nervous system adjusting on very, very fine levels. These fine tune adjustments are the dissolution of blockages and stress. The cumulative effect of these adjustments bring deeper levels of balance to the nervous system which in turn allows the body to enjoy greater and greater states of health and well-being.

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